Feel free to drop by or give us a call. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help you achieve this ultimate state that you have never experienced before.

What should I do to prepare?

We have everything prepared for you. Ideally avoid caffeine 90 minutes before you float. It also best not to shave or wax right beforehand because the salt water can irritate your skin.

What if I don't know how to float?

We have instructional video presented at our float spa that will guide you through the whole process. And the Epsom salt solution will do all the work for you. So just come and relax.

What if I recently dyed my hair?

For the benefit of your hair color and for the tanks, please wait until the water runs clear when you wash your hair before coming to float.

What can I expect?

Every experience is different and unique to each person. Yours is definitely going to be something you have never experienced before.

Can I float if its ‘that-time-of-the-month’?

Yes. Just follow the same protocol you would for a swimming pool.

Is floating 'legit'?

Absolutely! Floating has existed for over 40 years with numerous published studies and media coverage that has discussed the physical, spiritual and intellectual benefits you are about to experience.

Is it clean?

Our water is completely recirculated 3 to 5 times between each float through an intense filtration system, and then treated with a combination of a germicidal UV lamp, ozone and hydrogen peroxide. The Epsom salt solution itself is naturally sanitary. We test our water daily to ensure that your float will be safe and comfortable.

What if I wear contacts?

You most likely will prefer to float without them, so be sure to bring your case and solution.

Can two (or more) people float in the same tank at once?

Our tanks are designed for one, and we believe that it is best that you go through this experience alone. But we do have 3 tanks, so you can book at the same time as your nearest and dearest.

Can I float if I am pregnant?

Yes. We do recommend consult with your physician or midwife, and if you get the "go ahead", you may float in your second or third trimester. Many pregnant women find floating helps relieve the joint pain and inflammation associated with carrying additional baby weight. Floating has also been shown to reduce cortisol levels and boost endorphins which may help counteract the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy which can result in insomnia, anxiety, and depression.